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Enjoy soft water and never worry about Back Flow

We started working with water softeners in 1979. We never could find a great solution for an air gap for the floor drain, so we built one.


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What is the Floor Gap

New Products

Manufactured in Utah, the patented "Floor Gap" is quickly becoming the number one installers choice when it comes to creating an air gap* for a water softener drain lines.

*The purpose of the air gap is to ensure that there will never be any backflow of sewage or drain water sucked back into your water softener and then through your house.

New Products

Introducing the the New Splash Guard

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Ordering Information

Floor Gap

Quantity        Pricing

1-24          $6.49

25-49        $5.49

50-99        $4.98

100-499    $4.49

500-999     $3.98

1000+         $3.49

Splash Guard


$ 1.00 per Unit

  Shipping is free for orders of 100 units or more.

To Installers

Installation Instructions

1.      Make sure softener discharge tube will reach the floor drain.

2.      Place the "Floor Gap" nozzle into the tube.

3.      Slip Splash Guard into Floor Gap.

4.      Secure the "Floor Gap" to the floor drain grate with a nylon zip tie.

          Place the tie into the drain grate and back up through the hole

           in the back part of the "Floor Gap."

5.      Pull zip tie Snug

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